WheelsAtLarge 23 days ago [-]
I did Coldfusion development for about 5 years and loved it. I could finish a project in half the time as other developers and therefore charge less for the project even when you considered the cost of the CF server and when I started hosting the sites it became a no brainer for most customers. Additionally, I loved how productive I felt.

Unfortunately when my business began to get scarce due to the many other ways that customers could develop and host their sites for less. I could not leverage my CF knowledge towards other types of development.

I finally bit the bullet and switched to Java, javascript and PHP. The switch to PHP was some what simple and I had been using Java as part of some CF projects but Javascript was a bear.

Was my CF development time worth the time and effort? NOPE! If you want to last in this business it's best to stay with the popular languages and leave the nitch languages for your hobby projects. Getting a paycheck on a regular basis is worth way more than dealing with a language you like.