throwaway18468 23 days ago [-]
> This is why the struggle to set information free is not just a technical matter—it has to involve a broader political struggle. The challenges faced by the original free software movement are merely the tip of the iceberg. If you take the core tenets of free software to their logical conclusion, you end up with a desire to reverse all kinds of commodification by transforming property rights in their entirety.

The whole idea of information as a property is unnatural. Copying and sharing the information is how humans and other creatures communicate, learn, share the knowedge, ask for help, warn each other, organize.

Imagine that you broadcasted some information to a public... but you still own it. You can choose what everybody can and cannot do with your information. You can even shutdown it globally. Even if somebody created an exact copy of your information it is still "belongs" to you because you created it first.

This is a current reality. It is surreal and absurd that keeps generating more absurd every day. This is possible because there are might-makes-copyright laws in place.

Government is incentivised to have suble censorship in place. Info-merchants want to create an artificial deficit and exclusivity of their "goods" using government repressive mechanisms.

There is no easy way out of it.