arenaninja 22 days ago [-]
I've used AngelList (successfully) and LinkedIn (landed interviews but no roles) in the past. I currently have a role but I will answer anybody that reaches out to me. I tend to look for the following:

1) role/title alignment with career goals - this also covers tech stack being interesting

2) benefits - specifically 401k, in the US all employers offer healthcare so unless yours is exceptional I don't think it's worth promoting

3) salary; it doesn't need to be FANG level but if it doesn't beat my current role there's no point in starging a conversation

rahimnathwani 22 days ago [-]
Why do you specifically want to find 'people looking for a role'?

Those looking for a role comprise a small proportion of the total population you could target. And this subset is likely to have lower average quality than the relevant population, because those who are 'good' will spend less time before finding a good match.

dyeje 22 days ago [-]
There's no silverbullet here, work as many channels as you're willing to open (local recruiter, meetups / user groups, ask your team to search their network, job boards, social media) and make sure you have a good interview process.
pitcher 23 days ago [-]
I find twitter to be a great way to find people interested in a specific area or technology. Use hashtag searches or lists to find potential hires. I haven’t used this but I can see myself doing it if I needed to hire today
jamalrashid 23 days ago [-]
Meet-ups and local user groups are great sources of talent. They are frequent if you’re located in a tech hub
quickthrower2 23 days ago [-]
Stackoverflow ads maybe? What about through networks?
bnt 23 days ago [-]
What sort of role? Local or remote?
purafile 23 days ago [-]
Local over remote... lots of resources for remote roles
arenaninja 22 days ago [-]
I would start by not referring to people as resources
masonic 23 days ago [-]
What company?