SyneRyder 27 days ago [-]
Fairly heavy email user here, but I (personally) wouldn't find use in those metrics. But I like the general idea. I seem to remember that Eudora used to have some analytics.

I recently kept an Excel chart of my inbox, so I could see over time how close I was getting to Inbox Zero and how many emails a day I'd need to get through. Combining that with intelligence on how many emails I receive per day on average to calculate an Inbox Zero date estimate could be interesting.

Gustomaximus 26 days ago [-]
This could be incredibly useful. I drafted something up about this (and some other similar metrics to blend) a year or so back. I ran by an engineer Ive been freelancing with a few years (Im marketing) and they felt it was too much outside their skillset so it got mothballed.

I definitly feel there is a solid oppurtunity here. Good luck with it.

For your stats I'd keep it simple. I think the best 2 here are;

- most emailed person

- most actions / requests from

stockkid 26 days ago [-]
I think whether this can help with my productivity depends on how it can integrate with my existing email provider. If it augments the existing experience by working as a browser extension of some sort, it might.
PixelPaul 26 days ago [-]
How would it work with different email programs?