fwsgonzo 27 days ago [-]
No, you have one life. You don't want your goal in life to be living in 60m2, because space is at an overpriced premium, in a block listening to your neighbors footsteps.

Having lived both lives, I can tell you with certainty that having a loan you will never be able to pay back is just not worth it even if the cities pay you better.

If you are in your 20s you could join startups and hope for a decent exit. Otherwise, I wouldn't even bother. If you have the skills to work remotely - absolutely try hard to do that. It doesn't matter if you get paid half the normal rate. That half rate is still a 3-story house somewhere. Doesn't have to be in the bush. :)

Longterm-speaking you could buy a house in a city, live in it until you have the experience needed to work remotely, then sell.

badpun 27 days ago [-]
Dunno how it is in the States, but here in Poland, the towns where you can buy a cheap-ish house are in general terribly boring, have small-minded people in them, have little public transport, and are often ugly and filled with smog in the winter. Big cities are not like that, but then houses there are expensive. So, I think I'm actually leaning towards living in a flat in a well-maintained big city, where there are multiple good places to eat out and the people on the streets don't make me feel sorry for them, vs living in a house in a drab small town.
gshdg 26 days ago [-]
Depends on your circumstances, values, and goals.
zapperdapper 25 days ago [-]
What do you mean by "normal"?