patio11 25 days ago [-]
Yes. One (one!) gets there primarily via donations. All the rest are operated as small software companies which happen to have a OSS product available.

To the next obvious question "Who are you talking about?", I'm going to demur, because most people making money in OSS, like most making money selling SaaS (or anything else, for that matter), don't really see much value in getting that fact blabbed on the Internets. Information travels at the speed of (your liquid refreshment of choice).

rajacombinator 22 days ago [-]
Could you expand more on this point? With your background in the space, would be interesting to hear your insights on what proportion of SaaS businesses fall into the secretive vs. “any press or leads are good” categories. And when to go with one strategy or the other.
pkrotich 24 days ago [-]
I developed osTicket and we now have a growing profitable business- we have a SaaS offering and provide commercial support to enterprise users.
realty_geek 24 days ago [-]
Wow, that's awesome!! I looked up your story and that is awesome too. I would love my open source real estate website builder project ( to achieve something similar. Hope you don't mind, I've reached out to you via linked in.
pkrotich 24 days ago [-]
Thanks - I’ll reach back.
yitchelle 23 days ago [-]
Congrats on the success!

Interesting logo design with the Kangaroo. Is that a pun play of the phonetics of os.. vs Oz.. (slang for Australia) ?

pkrotich 23 days ago [-]
Not really - when osTicket started, circa 2004, having a mascot was the rage - think MySQL etc. Funnily Kangaroo has given us affinity from Australian users... perhaps an osTrich would been a better choice.
umen 24 days ago [-]
Great example , this what I meant when asking . How did you come with the idea for ticketing app ? And why oos?
pkrotich 24 days ago [-]
os for open source. osCommerce was popular then so it influenced naming!
stockkid 24 days ago [-]
Interesting. What is your SaaS offering and how does it relate to the open source product?
pkrotich 24 days ago [-]
It’s basically a hosted version of osTicket -
croh 21 days ago [-]
FreeSWITCH. You can check any opensource telecom tech. Most contributors turn themselves as consultants.