masukomi 22 days ago [-]
Akismet has always been good for me for WordPress and I see there's a Drupal plugin for it too. It's not free, but I think it's reasonably priced for how well it functions and the headaches it saves me with no frustration for commenting users.
wavelen 25 days ago [-]
I had this problem recently and I figured that I was trying to find a solution for a problem I didn't even have.

I decided to just not use any form of captcha. If it ever becomes problematic (e.g. spam) I can still implement a captcha again. Until now it works perfectly fine.

viraptor 25 days ago [-]
Have you tried starting with a completely trivial solution to see if you have anyone targeting you at all? By trivial, I mean "write number four in this text field". If you get only full-auto spam bots, that should be enough.
Gaelan 25 days ago [-]
Almost certainly don't—I kinda assumed something that trivial would get handled by full-auto bots by now, but maybe not.
luckylion 25 days ago [-]
I haven't seen bot spam go past trivial things. A text field name="url" that's hidden via css gets filled by them. They don't execute JavaScript. Granted, those solutions won't work forever, once they are widely adapted, bots will adapt too, and they obviously won't stop targeted spam.