Jefro118 26 days ago [-]
In case you plan to monetise it, this may be of interest:

Is the newsletter good for beginners to Go too? I'm planning on learning it soon.

hoanhan101 26 days ago [-]
Thanks for the pointer. I’d like to keep mine free and open-source for now.

I hope the newsletter is friendly enough for beginners too. I also have for learning Go better and faster.

Jefro118 25 days ago [-]
Thanks, I'll check it out
hoanhan101 27 days ago [-]
quickthrower2 27 days ago [-]
Nice idea. I’m not a GO developer but if I was I’d be interested.
potta_coffee 26 days ago [-]
This sounds really cool, I'd be interested.
gigatexal 27 days ago [-]
I would be!