CliveHayward 226 days ago [-]
I presume that you're aware of The American Academy of Ophthalmology. It is the primary conference where all the key players (researchers, distributors, practicing physicians, competitors) attend.

I was on the development team for a company that sold Optical Coherence Tomography and ultrasound devices in the Ophthalmology market. If you need assistance in getting your device FDA certified - I can provide consulting assistance.

Clive Hayward

freesoulee 225 days ago [-]
Thanks for your insight and I've added you on Linkedin. :)
dmangla 226 days ago [-]
Hi There, I am an ophthalmologist based in the US. Please email me at for further information. I am interested in helping on this project.
freesoulee 225 days ago [-]
Sure :) Thank you!
5555624 225 days ago [-]
>we thought there might be more people who under or or are in the process of vision loss.

>Late stage detection of retinal diseases presents serious risks because eyesight become irreversible and incurable.

This is why people should get their eyes checked every year. especially if the are diabetic -- even if they think their vision is fine.

I thought my vision was fine. For fine print, I might need a pair of reading glasses; but, otherwise, I thought my vision was fine. One day, I saw what looked like a piece of lint on my left eye's eyelash. It turned out to be blood, more than a "floater."

My right eye just compensated, I had vision loss in my left eye. Thousands of laser zaps later and a vitrectomy, my left eye is stable; but, the vision loss is permanent. (Not to mention the "butt drug.") I was lucky. I can't really read with my left eye or do things requiring detailed vision; but, I can function.

This sounds like a great idea; but, the earlier you catch a problem, the better.

freesoulee 225 days ago [-]
Thanks for your support!
sweston4 225 days ago [-]
As a type 1 diabetic who must get annual eye exams to check for diabetic retinopathy, this would be an awesome tool to make disease management 5% better. And though 5% sounds small, that adds up to a lot overtime. Thanks for working on this.
freesoulee 225 days ago [-]
Thank you! Have a great week ahead.
synaesthesisx 225 days ago [-]
We've actually worked on an application/algorithms specifically for this sort of application, if you're interested in discussing more - I will reach out via email.
freesoulee 225 days ago [-]
can you contact me via an email? thanks!
mikecsh 225 days ago [-]
Is the application on the tablet showing test data or is that a live demo of the machine with the gentleman in the video?
freesoulee 225 days ago [-]
It is a live demo! :)
Noumenon72 226 days ago [-]
Since I'm not a useful med partner but I do know English, the adjective non-mydriatic would ordinarily fit into the sentence like this:

"a portable auto-focus non-mydriatic fundus camera."

freesoulee 225 days ago [-]
Clever, noted with thanks!