otras 226 days ago [-]
Similar to interviewing.io, Pramp is another site that pairs interviewees together for practice phone interviews with a shared document to type in. It also lets you play the role of interviewer for half the session which is a good experience.


jtchang 226 days ago [-]
Not sure why umbs's comment is marked dead. Has some more links that seem useful.
100-xyz 225 days ago [-]
Anyone else interested in mock interviews?
haidrali 226 days ago [-]
I am up, sent you an email
Delete-Prod-Log 226 days ago [-]

This is exactly what you are looking for. Good luck.

I'm in the same state, got many calls from Google interviewers. I am a little slow in coding hard problems on codeforces. Another couple of months n I shd be good

jtchang 226 days ago [-]
It looks cool but they are in private beta right now?
umbs 226 days ago [-]
Couple of others: 1) www.pramp.com 2) www.interviewbit.com 3) www.gainlo.co << this is paid service. 4) www.interviewkickstart.com << this is also paid

In 1 & 2, are free where you are paired with another candidate who's also preparing for interviews. But you are not sure if it's simulating "real" interviews.

3 is paid and quite close to real interview, but costs can add up.

4 I participated in this and highly recommend. But probably you are not looking for this as this is a full blown interview bootcamp.