O1111OOO 218 days ago [-]
I really like the tagging system on this. Very KISS and allows for other parameters in the future with zero learning curve: speech balloons, backgrounds, props (park bench, sofa for "sitting" option..).

Even additional actions (aside from sitting, jogging..) can be easily added. Not sure how far you want to take this (story telling?) but... it's currently a remarkably user-friendly base/template!

jktzes 218 days ago [-]
Well, somebody just read my mind! Thanks for the kind words BTW! I aim to make this asset library configurable and easy to contribute. The final goal is to enable designers to contribute their SVG files without any code. Thanks to designers like Pablo Stanley, this kind of templates can be developed. I hope this can become a new way for designers to collaborate with each other. Anyway, I’ll see you in the 2.0 release!