freediver 219 days ago [-]
Founder here. Last year I supported an open source AI project and spent considerable amount of money on GPU training at AWS. Only then I learned that I could get same compute cheaper at Google Cloud and even cheaper at Azure. That wasn't obvious, so the idea for Cloud Optimizer was born.

There is ample opportunity for arbitrage between cloud providers and often you can find same compute cheaper at other place. Cloud Optimizer helps find these opportunities.

The data comes directly from cloud provider APIs and is updated every 4 hours. Would appreciate feedback, thanks!

eliaspro 219 days ago [-]
Make this a product on its own with an API that could be easily integrated via libcloud or so into existing automation toolchains.

Companies might happily pay for this service by saving huge amounts in return.

BTW: what about integrating HetznerCloud? Provides a lot bang for the buck and quite good performance.

iKevinShah 219 days ago [-]
Been hearing a lot of good things about Hetzner. Any personal reviews? Since they're from EU unless I am mistaken, any "stricter" regulations with respect to GDPR or such?
gitgud 218 days ago [-]
Nice little Webapp! Has all the features I wanted, it was a little tedious to select number of CPU's and Memory, but still very cool. Does it update manually or automatically with prices?
freediver 218 days ago [-]
It updates all prices every four hours.