franky47 219 days ago [-]
Very interesting approach, I like the simple, no brainer way to create and share events.

Quick feedback:

- The date and time picker is a bit small to use on mobile, especially the sliders. Also it would be nice to have the end date/time follow the start date/time + a given average duration (1 or 2 hours), saves a bit of tapping around.

- When posting an event URL on Slack, it only shows the description of, and not a summary of the event, which would be a nice UX touch.

Do you have plans to make it open source ?

Good job !

lowercasename 219 days ago [-]
It's just a very little Node thing I made in a serious bout of procrastination, but I'm surprised I've not seen anything like it around before - general, quick to use, easy to share, doesn't try to snoop on you. I'm sure it already exists in lots of forms, and I'd love comments and criticisms because it's one of the first things I've really coded (which is mildly exhilarating).