helb 219 days ago [-]
You might want to check whether the output is a "real" interactive terminal and output just the words without the doge image and borders if not. Redirecting stdout to a file (`./cli.js > foo`) currently produces… this: https://vgy.me/u7f3iW.png

Node's `tty.isatty` should work: https://nodejs.org/docs/v0.5.0/api/tty.html#tty.isatty

westurner 220 days ago [-]
From https://github.com/lukechilds/doge-seed :

> The first four words will be a randomly generated Doge-like sentence.

The seed phrases are fully valid checksummed BIP39 seeds. They can be used with any cryptocurrency and can be imported into any BIP39 compliant wallet.

> […] However there is a slight reduction in entropy due to the introduction of the doge-isms. A doge seed has about 19.415 fewer bits of entropy than a standard BIP39 seed of equivalent length.