excalibur 220 days ago [-]
If somebody sends me a link with the URL "app.getclick.co", there's roughly zero chance I'm clicking on that. Not to dissuade you from your chosen branding, but would it be possible to make your links appear a bit less spammy?
eorge_g 220 days ago [-]
Hmm that’s good. We have been looking at some more straightforward dot coms. Thanks for the feedback!
userbinator 220 days ago [-]
I recommend avoiding anything with "click" in the name, because that invokes negative connotations of advertising/marketing/SEO.
martco 220 days ago [-]
Hey creator, just wanted to say great job. A lot of these Hacker News comments are predictably neck-beardy and lack the recognition of effort and dedication put into a product launch.

Don't listen to the non-constructive "yeah but X already does it" comments. This seems like a simple but useful product, and good on you all for putting this out there. Keep creating and iterating!

thefourthchime 220 days ago [-]
Just tried it. First off, love the simplicity. Do one thing, do it well. It worked great!

So now, the feedback. I would have no login. Or make it optional, like pastebin, but for video. 2nd, allow Facebook to google login.

One last thing, how can you afford this??? I’ve thought about doing apps like this, and then I think about my aws bill!

ElFitz 219 days ago [-]
For the AWS bill, inbound traffic is free and S3 doesn't cost much (0.023$ / GB), knowing that you'd only store one video once.

Outbound though traffic though is where it hurts: somewhere around 0.15$ / GB, and that's for each and every time any one plays a given video.

1 minute of h.265 would sit around 22Mb (according to the first source I found https://medium.com/@PoloPinetta/youtube-4k-and-h-265-uploads...)

Better get that compression going, and I hope they figure out a way to make some money soon enough, but for a small user base it should be manageable

toomuchtodo 218 days ago [-]
Put a CDN in front of S3 to keep your bill low (you’ll only get dinged for the first origin to edge transfer out), or store in Backblaze B2 instead and use Cloudflare (they have a storage/CDN partnership making the overall cost much lower than S3).
220 days ago [-]
amativos 220 days ago [-]
1. The app reliably crashes if I just tap on the screen and then click Done.

2. Why does it need registration? At this point I don't see any benefit from it.

3. Is there a way to delete videos? Or the whole account? Do the videos get deleted automatically after some time?

4. Is anything uploaded before the Done button is clicked?

eorge_g 220 days ago [-]
Sorry to hear that it's behaving badly for you. Happy to delete your account manually since we don't have any of that built in at the moment. Feel free to email me at george [at] stilllife [dot] studio with the email address.

Registration is useful for future features (like having an index of all your videos for example if you wanted to delete some of them)

Videos are supposed to get uploaded before hitting done to increase performance, but if it's crashing I'm not sure they uploaded succesfully.

giancarlostoro 220 days ago [-]
If they are being uploaded show a progress bar immedietly. Make it obvious to the user what is happening. Magical applications that do things silently usually tend to fail silently in non obvious ways. At least with a graph you have a point of reference.
banana_giraffe 220 days ago [-]
At least on the few browsers I tried, your privacy policy[1] is white on white for much of the text.

[1] https://app.getclick.co/privacy

eorge_g 220 days ago [-]
Thanks for catching that, we will fix that ASAP!
eorge_g 220 days ago [-]
Hi, I'm the maker!

I would love any feedback or ideas that you guys have.

kodablah 220 days ago [-]
Where is the data stored? How is this funded? If out of pocket, why, and how will it be funded beyond that? Would I be unwise to use this with such an unclear future or funding source? Are the videos encrypted at rest with a key as part of the link and never stored? Why not add all of the details about storage, privacy, etc in a clear and upfront way on the website (e.g. a FAQ is fine)?
superkuh 220 days ago [-]
What languages did you write it in? What stack did you use for your backend? What format is video stored in? What format is it played back in (ie, real video or chopped up video like HTS/DASH)? Can I users get access to direct video file links? How much does bandwidth cost you? Did you chose to use an existing CDN or roll your own? Is this only for Apple (tm) smart phones? Is it only for smart phones?

How do you intend to make money?

eorge_g 220 days ago [-]
Great questions! We learned a ton doing the video work on this never having worked with video encoding before.

We built front end using React Native (ejected from Expo), backend API using Rails (as that's our most comfortable stack). The video encoding processing is handled by Amazon Elastic Transcoder, hosting the videos on s3.

There's a sneaky amount of transcoding involved in the simple app, but it's all cheap at a few dollars a month so far with some use.

We're not using a CDN atm but are looking at using cloudfront. Right now it's only on Apple phones, but since we build the front end in React Native building for Android is on the roadmap if there's customer demand!

winsome 220 days ago [-]
Why did you choose to use React Native if you weren't planning to use it for cross-platform purposes out of the box? Why not use swift or objective-c and then port to Android if there's customer demand?
sbfriends 220 days ago [-]
> Why did you choose to use React Native if you weren't planning to use it for cross-platform purposes out of the box? Why not use swift or objective-c and then port to Android if there's customer demand?

There's lots of reasons someone might want to start with Expo while developing an app. If their team doesn't have native experience, it's far more accessible than needing to maintain a native stack (or two should they support Android).

It also supports the ability for OTAs out of the box, which allows them to be responsive to feedback / bugs / feature requests.

There's more to RN/Expo than "do you plan on releasing a cross-platform product at once". Even if their road map is "Apple now, Android later" the decision would still be justified.

x2f10 220 days ago [-]
How does this differ from Apple's native "Copy iCloud Link" feature?
eorge_g 220 days ago [-]
Good question, I would say the biggest difference is the vine-like recording interface that lets you record multiple clips and merged them together. It also never requires you to save it on your phone. Not sure if the icloud feature allows you to record direct to the cloud but that may be an advantage as well.
4d66ba06 220 days ago [-]
> the biggest difference is the vine-like recording interface that lets you record multiple clips and merged them together

How do you view prior clips? Once I start a new clip I don't see a way to go back (it could be I'm missing something that's colored as I keep my iPhone SE in black and white mode)

jsmit 220 days ago [-]
The website says:

> Hold-to-record mode lets you string clips together so that you can collect your thoughts between recording.

You can probably hold-to-record multiple times in a single movie (don't have an iPhone to test). Seems like the easiest and most straightforward way to do it, just no re-ordering of recorded clips.

miohtama 220 days ago [-]
What is the use case?

How much is too much video for internal storage? 1 GB? Why an app is needed if default camera apps have single clicking sharing to Google Drive?

And if the storage is the problem how is streaming 1 GB over wi-fi or 4G?

hendry 220 days ago [-]
I use https://github.com/kaihendry/s3post to upload videos to lambda, convert them to mp4 and share them on a CDN for sharing.

Problem is when uploading from a Webform, IOS downscales the original file which I hate. Does this app get around that problem? If so, be good if I could post to my own S3 endpoint!

bradknowles 219 days ago [-]
Why is there no content visible on the website, without enabling Javascript?

Try using Javascript just for the stuff that actually requires it, and let the rest of the site work for people who browse with Javascript turned off. That will also make it much more mobile-friendly.

Hates_ 220 days ago [-]
Looks really interesting. Are there any plans for an API or something like integration with IFTTT? Would love to be able to automate the process of capturing a video and having the link directly emailed to me or added to todo list.
eorge_g 220 days ago [-]
Would love to talk to you more about this use case. Can you email me at george [at] stilllife [dot] studio
dmitrygr 220 days ago [-]
So, basically, google photos's "share link" feature?
JamSandwich 220 days ago [-]
Not everyone wants to use Google Photos, or Google for that matter
centering 220 days ago [-]
Why would I want to use a worse substitute?
220 days ago [-]
ryanbertrand 218 days ago [-]
Cool project!

How was your experience ejecting Expo? Are hot updates fully disabled once you eject? (i.e. each update is submitted via AppStore.)

samfbiddle 220 days ago [-]
This is a neat idea but I don't think I'd use it unless I had some assurance that my videos would be deleted at some point after they're viewed.
madebysquares 220 days ago [-]
what is the intended use case for this?
220 days ago [-]
alottafunchata 220 days ago [-]
Kind of like youtube? Or am I missing something.
toomuchtodo 220 days ago [-]
Video messaging without needing a client on the receiving end, and the ability to trivially extract or store the generated video.

Not sure it can be monetized, but definitely cool.

stevespang 220 days ago [-]
Only for Apple IOS ?