chubot 282 days ago [-]
FWIW, the book "Why We Sleep" mentions this paper by Francis Crick et. al. and talks about the history of sleep research.

I'm in the middle of it because of a Hacker News recommendation, and let me pass on the recommendation. It's great so far :)

For example, I think most of us now know that napping isn't for the "lazy" but it's nice to see the scientific reasoning for it. The author Walker is a great sleep advocate.

montalbano 283 days ago [-]
Graeme, a distant relative of J.B.S. Haldane, was a fantastic scientist who contributed to a wide range of fields. Sadly, he passed away in April this year. Here's a brief but interesting overview of his life for anyone interested:

vekker 282 days ago [-]
Good read, but the conclusions made in this 35-year old paper are a bit outdated. This reverse-learning idea has long been supplanted by the threat-simulation theory:
drakenot 282 days ago [-]
I'm genuinely curious how they test their conclusions with something like this.

The 35 year old theory seems equally as likely as the threat-simulation theory. What has made threat-simulation supplant other theories on this topic?

gcbw2 282 days ago [-]
Well, the comment you are replying to may have jumped the gun, both are still hypothesis.