robotbikes 338 days ago [-]
In case anyone wants to find the book he co-wrote there is a link on the co authors site ( it is called Information Security for Journalists. I hope that he is ok and just decided to go off the grid as some of his friends speculate.
forapurpose 338 days ago [-]
Before you take the headline too literally, much of the story is accusations from his friends that Wikileaks is exaggerating his relationship with them in order to create controversy, and that Wikileaks is only one of many organizations he advised.

The Dutchman’s friends have accused Wikileaksof using his disappearance for its own benefit, and are upset that some media reports have unquestioningly repeated the organisation’s claim was an Assange “associate”. ...

“I hate how overblown Arjen’s Wikileaks connection is becoming,” said one, Ancilla van der Leest. “He advised many parties and journalistic organisations on infosecurity. In this light he was also a ‘Reuters associate’.”


Carlo, who is also the director of Big Brother Watch, tweeted: “WikiLeaks might want to make this sound like it’s about them, but it is not ... It makes me, and others, feel sick to my stomach to see Arjen being missing/out of contact reported like a WikiLeaks murder mystery.”