vinnyglennon 253 days ago [-]
Awesome. is another Irish service in same fantasy football gambling space having players against each other using a tote, rather than the house setting the odds.
klondike_ 253 days ago [-]
FanDuel claims not to be gambling yet they're being bought out by a gambling company. Interesting
anoncoward111 253 days ago [-]
well, i mean, my opinion is that FanDuel is in fact a gambling company, but unalligned businesses do acquisitions all the time

I mean an e-commerce site literally bought a brick and mortar grocery store because it had the money

bantonj 253 days ago [-]
This is probably the first of many sports gambling related moves.
ruairidhwm 253 days ago [-]
Another big win for Edinburgh's tech scene :)
bmlevy9 253 days ago [-]
What do you guys think of this?
mark-ruwt 253 days ago [-]
It's the first of many. Companies have been circling for years, prepping for access to the US market.
SteveNuts 253 days ago [-]
I'm surprised it's not in the billions, to be honest.
jonknee 253 days ago [-]
Why? They don't have some special access to gambling that others don't and are known for losing phenomenal amounts of money.
morogop 253 days ago [-]
Brutal. Their most recent round was $275 mil at a $1.3 billion valuation.
sjg007 253 days ago [-]
huge.. this is a big deal.