projectramo 251 days ago [-]
So do Coursera, Udacity, EdX, Apple, and (I assume) MIT.

I would say that we need a new AI course like we need a new Javascript framework, but education is different. Different people learn in different ways and it might be useful to have different courses.

I wish we could compare all the courses in some kind of overview to see what they do, how they compare, and how well people learn from them.

gaius 251 days ago [-]
gaius 251 days ago [-]
hey want to make Finland the world's most educated country in the field of artificial intelligence

The way to do this is almost certainly to make it the world's most educated country in the field of linear algebra first!

Gravityloss 251 days ago [-]
It's actually likely pretty high up there.
rexreed 251 days ago [-]
This looks like a high level "What is AI" 'course'. Not really practical except for the manager or generalist trying to understand what AI is.
valtsu 251 days ago [-]
exactly! This course is made for non-technical people. We are planning to do a followup course later on with programming skills required. (I'm a member of the Elements of AI team)
Amygaz 250 days ago [-]
Keep us posted. But this looks good. I think it is important for tech people to know what is the level out there.
stevekemp 251 days ago [-]
It's a great initiative regardless of depth. I love seeing Finland mentioned here :)
anfilt 250 days ago [-]
When do you plan to do the follow up?
valtsu 250 days ago [-]
the plan currently is end of 2018/early 2019
KC8ZKF 251 days ago [-]
Or a legislator or a citizen.
250 days ago [-]
andreke 251 days ago [-]
Wow, this is awesome. This is a great way to help everyone take a step forward into the future. The public having a larger understanding of AI will be extremely important as it becomes a larger part of our lives.
BrockSamson 251 days ago [-]
I'm always a fan of free educational tools, especially ones that cross traditional borders.
deanclatworthy 251 days ago [-]
There was a strong interest within our company about this course (I work in an agency in Helsinki). I'm curious if the authors of the course would be willing to share some stats with me: how many people are actively participating vs saying they will (for anyone with emails). If it's possible, could some of the authors get in touch via my profile :)
hansoolo 251 days ago [-]
Nice that the Nokia dude claims the electricity phrase for himself...
0xdeadbeefbabe 251 days ago [-]
If you take the course, begin with the Finish in mind.