OtterCoder 295 days ago [-]
Scientist: Under extremely low-energy, highly controlled conditions, photons can be made to act in a way that strongly suggests some sort of bond or attraction has been created between them.

"Journalist": So, photons did something, that's like, light, right? Lightsabers! By Jove, you've done it!

What utter tripe.

leodeid 295 days ago [-]
Submission which links to the underlying MIT News source:
ivan_ah 295 days ago [-]
mishurov 295 days ago [-]
>This approach should prove useful for producing novel quantum states of light and quantum entanglement on demand.
flossball 295 days ago [-]
Waiting for the day that all particles are found to just be various states of Photons and we can find the arch. :P