Overtonwindow 343 days ago [-]
If I go into a doctors office and I see one of these tablets or tvs pitching drugs to me, I'm out of there. This is ridiculous and beyond exploitive.
Bartweiss 343 days ago [-]
It does look an awful lot like a startup whose stated goal was making the world worse. I'd say "I wonder what Alphabet saw in them?", but I'll bet the answer is "$5.5 billion".
mi100hael 343 days ago [-]
Oh look, another over-hyped, over-valued "disruptive" startup that's actually just smoke & mirrors.
tedunangst 343 days ago [-]
Making the world a better place by connecting patients with the drugs they love!
mi100hael 342 days ago [-]
Making the world a better place by finding new ways to plaster ads in our faces (and commit fraud in the process)!
johnhenry 343 days ago [-]
Here's title from the article: "Outcome, a Hot Tech Startup, Misled Advertisers With Manipulated Information, Sources Say".

Taking out those commas make the title confusing.

mi100hael 342 days ago [-]
The original is too many characters for HN
Justin_K 342 days ago [-]
Cooking the books from day one. Who would ever advertise with these guys again when their whole model was revealed to be a scam? What a joke.
localcdn 343 days ago [-]
breakingcups 342 days ago [-]
I'm so glad advertising drugs is illegal in my country.

In fact isn't it illegal everywhere but the U.S. and down under?

343 days ago [-]